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Art for Science Symposium

Unlocking Art power for Science & Research

September 27 & 28, 2019 – Montpellier

This MUSE event, developed in partnership with MSH Sud, is inspired by the desire to explore how artistic and creative practices, in their diversity and as a particular field of knowledge, can be an innovative means to open new perspectives for scientists and artists, and more broadly, to create new alliances between science & society, and between natural & cultural environments.

Stimulating imagination, creating meaning, apprehending the sensitive dimensions of reality, and other cognitive and experiential processes contribute to a shared understanding. Beyond gathering and sharing experiences and knowledge, the idea behind this symposium is to inspire participatory action research by introducing new methods and proposing new forms of valorization and understanding of scientific knowledge through artistic mediums and creative dissemination techniques.

Researchers, students, practitioners, artists, and citizens, join us for two days of experiential events, interaction, and reflection.


Find all the details in the symposium booklet available for download below.

Livret_Colloque - Art for science - 2019
Download PDF • 2.09MB

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