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Jean-Daniel SALVAT

Intervention on June 6, 2018,

by Jean-Daniel Salvat, a painter, within the COSA Montpellier group to share insights into his production and creative process with the scientists of the group.

A graduate of the Fine Arts School of Nîmes, Jean-Daniel Salvat explores the formal identity of painting, its construction, and its mode of interpretation.

During his presentation to COSA Montpellier, he discussed the techniques used in the production of his latest series, particularly focusing on evaporation as a method. He also delved into more technical discussions about polymers and his choice of PVC, a material he has been using since 1995, along with referencing other artists in art history who follow a similar approach.

JJean-Daniel Salvat's works are featured in numerous private collections in France and the United States, where he worked for ten years. He participates in major contemporary art fairs and has had numerous solo exhibitions in galleries across Europe since 2005.

© Crédit photos Jean Daniel SALVAT - L'évaporation comme méthode, N° 52, 120x100 cm, 2018.

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