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Brain and creativities: beyond the myths

Samah Karaki ( and Sirine Fattou ( deconstruct the most widespread myths about the creative process, from creative genius to sudden inspiration, in light of neuroscience knowledge and the artist's experience. For a long time, the brain was considered a static organ, one that develops and structures itself in childhood and then ceases to develop after adulthood. Today, we know that the brain is a responsive organ to the world, not only having the ability to develop but also to modify itself by adapting its complex networks and structures based on each person's specific history and environment throughout their entire life. Thus, everything beautiful, different, and substantial that we contribute to the world is composed of a myriad of influences and inspirations acquired throughout our life and awakening to ideas.

In this conference, we will explore how the brain becomes attuned to the world through the phenomena of mnemonic construction and deconstruction and their connections to others. We will attempt to define the subtle and precious balance that allows the formation of uniqueness while connecting us to the social systems in which our cognition is situated.

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