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COSA Montpellier leads the discussion for Brain Awareness Week 2021 on "Art and Olfaction.

Art and Olfaction: Is Smelling Sensation?" Event organized as part of Brain Awareness Week,

March 16, 2021 - Online Conference.

Hosted by COSA Montpellier: Jean-Olivier Durand.

Speakers: Isabelle Parrot and Boris Raux

Isabelle Parrot, Researcher and teacher in biochemistry and molecular biology, Univ. Montpellier, IBMM, CNRS.

Olfaction, one of the most primitive senses developed by humans, is a direct source of emotion, which has only recently become the subject of scientific research. The study of the transmission of olfactory stimuli to the brain highlights a unique and direct brain-odor-emotion relationship, unlike other sensory modalities (hearing, vision, touch). Conscious perception of smell is also closely linked to our experiences, our memories, with memories engraved in us because they are facilitated by sensory stimuli with strong emotional impact. Memories recalled by scents indeed have a special emotional status. The triptych of smell-emotion-memory is a principle used in sensory marketing, creating scents that generate memories to deeply imprint a brand or a place in our memory. Artistic creation, custom perfume, olfactory signature—these emotional generators shape our memory.

Boris Raux, Artist.

Through a selection of his works, Boris Raux will demonstrate what the olfactory dimension can reveal about us or within us. First, he will dissect the artifice of manufactured products to uncover the cultural references we share. In this vast common market, he will show that there are nevertheless bodies, individuals, personalities that are formed. Exchanging about our scents reveals to others our values, our biographies, and even our unconscious. This dynamic exchange is becoming increasingly central for Boris Raux, to the point that with his Fabriques (workshops), his works become genuine tools for producing encounters. From this sharing of new experiences, perhaps a new common sense may emerge thanks to our scents?

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