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The exhibition "Dust of Life, Dust of Stars" offered by the collective "La Couleur des Electrons" is coming to an end. After three weeks of exhibition (October 2-20, 2023) in the lobby of the Balard Chemistry building, the dismantling process is underway.

The 4 floors of the Balard Chemistry building (CNRS campus, 1919 route de Mende, Montpellier) house the 800 staff members of the research units ICGM (Charles Gerhardt Institute of Montpellier) and IBMM (Max Mousseron Institute of Biomolecules). The lobby of this building is regularly used by the COSA Montpellier group for science and art events.

The unique approach of science and the use of the electron microscope reveal poetic images of an imaginary reality. The exhibition "Dust of Life, Dust of Stars" revolves around photographs that are both dark and flamboyant, offering a bridge between documentary narrative and the unconscious process of imagery.

The electron microscope, used as a camera, allows us to capture the moment on a microscopic scale. But when we "shift" this notion of scale, confusion sets in. Through this gesture, we alter our perspective on everything that surrounds and shapes us. An astonishing and new vision of the "things" in this world then emerges, allowing our minds to travel to vast earthly and extraterrestrial expanses. This series of photographs immerses us in this loss of scale. Imagination then becomes a launching pad to journey into the MicroCosmos...

About the artists:

La Couleur des Electrons is a collective created to highlight the synergy between Art and Science.

It originated from the collaboration of two photographers, both experts in microscopy: Didier COT and Bertrand REBIERE.

The photographers have received numerous awards:

  • Grand Jury Prize "La preuve par l'image" 2021

  • CNRS Crystal Prize 2012

  • 1st Prize "Scientific Document Photo" – International Scoop and Journalism Festival - Angers 1998

  • Multiblitz Prize – FPF Color Paper France Cup - 1998

  • 1st Prize – Leo Micrograph competition (Zeiss.Leica) - 1996

Virtual gallery:

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