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Experience feedback from Pierre Huyghe

Léonor Rey - Intervention on June 30, 2016

Pierre Huygue Studio. Experience feedback from Pierre HUYGHE.

Léonor Rey intervened during the launch day of the COSA Montpellier group on June 30, 2016, and testified to the creative potential of exchanges between artists and scientists.

After studying Fine Arts and completing a Master's degree in Arts and Culture Professions in Lyon, her path led her to engage in theoretical and sociological reflection on the status of the artist and their relationship to the notion of work, as well as their relationship with others in the fields of business or science.

It was through her encounter with the visual artist Pierre Huyghe, a major figure in the French and international art scene, whom she assisted for two years, that Léonor experienced the relationship between the scientific environment, new technologies, and artistic creation. Pierre Huyghe aims to make tangible the living and organic dimension of his proposals. He sees space as a world in itself, unorchestrated, living according to its own rhythms, including the living (or non-living), often in a naturalistic dimension. Her intervention during the launch day of the COSA Montpellier group mentioned an artistic project involving chemistry and animals. On this occasion, Léonor Rey also presented the POROSITY platform, aimed at connecting artists and scientists around contemporary creation. The platform will launch in the first half of December 2018.

Consult the POROSITY platform

© Léonor REY - Crédit photos COSA

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